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La Roux : Let Me Down Gently


Plankton Electronics “Bumblebee”

Fancy a bit of DIY?

Track of the Day

SPC ECO : Fuck You

Maschine Workflow Ideas.

Watched all these yesterday - some great tips. Going to have a big session this weekend. I wonder should I upgrade my Mk1 Maschine to the Maschine Studio? Hmmmmm…

Summer Sale at Synth Magic

SM Banner

Favourite purveyors of lovely retro goodness libraries, Synth Magic, are having a Summer Sale. Head along and grab yourself a bargain.

Track of the Day

Queen Of Hearts : Shoot The Bullet

Modulus Music 002 Synthesizer announced

Start saving your pennies! Stunning website too.

Modulus 002

Roland has announced release of TR-8 Rhythm Performer

Roland Aira TR-8

Me? I say ‘meh’. I’m sure they’ll sell bucketloads though.

Track of the Day

Thievery Corporation (feat Mr Lif) : Culture of Fear


Akai Rhythm Wolf - New Analogue Drum machine

Akai Rhythm Wolf

Along with a raft of new controllers, Akai has announced the imminent release of Rhythm Wolf - an all new analogue drum machine & bass module

The drum machine contains just five “tweakable” drum sounds – a kick, snare, open and closed hi-hat, and ‘metallic’ percussion. Users can customize the tuning, amplitude envelopes and volume of each drum voice in real-time. The bass synthesizer part features a selectable oscillator (sawtooth or square wave), classic filter, a filter envelope with a variable decay – ideal for classic bass sounds and leads.

Six MPC pads and a built-in 32-step sequencer complete the classic/familiar drum machine layout. Patterns can be fine-tuned with  a swing function, pattern select and tempo controls. A custom distortion signal path is activated by the Rhythm Wolf’s “Howl” knob (lol). There’s USB-MIDI, MIDI In/Out, a gate trigger (fantastic!), which means the Rhythm Wolf should integrate into anybody’s modern or vintage set-ups.

At $199 or so this should fly off the shelves!